12” Deluxe Mix (Sun/Shade)

12” Deluxe Mix (Sun/Shade)

All of our Deluxe Mix hanging baskets this year are made with Dummens RED FOX Trio Confetti Garden Mixes. Mixed RED FOX genera combinations, contrasting or balanced in color, uniform flowering time and vigor.

Mixes Available

  • Purple Cleopatra (Calibrachoa Purple Sky, Verbena Purple, Petunia Purple Vein)
  • Hot Pink Jazz (Calibrachoa Soft Pink, Verbena StrawberryCharme, Potunia Neon)
  • Calypso (Calibrachoa Orange, Verbena Violet Blue Charme, Petunia Red)
  • Water Wonders (Verbena White, Lobelia Waterblue, PotuniaNeon)
  • Afternoon Delight (Calibrachoa Orange, Verbena Burgundy, Petunia Mystery)
  • Oktoberfest (Bidens, Verbena Red, Petunia Black Satin)
  • Nightlights (Calibrachoa Purple Sky, Bidens, Potunia Deep Purple)
  • Water Colours (Verbena Dark Red Charme, Lobelia Hot Waterblue, Potunia Yellow)
  • Mambo Beach (Calibrachoa Orange, Verbena Burgundy, Bacopa White)
  • Pismo Beach (Bacopa White, Verbena Red, Petunia Strawberry Morning)

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