12" Deluxe Planter

With 9 different menus and an array of colour choices; our planter program provides an abundance of choice for your customer. Our planter program is designed to fuse with your customers existing garden or patio by using premium annuals that are exciting and mix well with their design idea. We are offering 6 Sun and 3 Part Sun/Shade planters for the season.

Mixes Include (but not limited to)
    - Orange Balloons (Dahlia XXL Hildalgo, Verbena Red, Calibrachoa Hot Orange & Petunia Hot Rod Red)
    - Pink Balloons (Dahlia XXL Veracruz, Verbena Soft Pink, Diascia Pink & Petunia White)
    - Jazz Dance (Geranium Dark Red, Petunia White, Chamaesyce White Flash & Verbena Dark Red)
    - Slow Dance (Geranium Deep Rose, Petunia Bubble Gum, Chamaesyce Pink Shimmer & Ipomoea Rusty Red)
    - Orange Lights (Ipomoea Black, Potunia Papaya, Verbena Peach & Chamaesyce Pink Shimmer)
    -Blue Lights (Calibrachoa True Blue, Petunia Blue Sky, Verbena Royal Blue, Bacopa White)
    - Tasmania Sunshade (Bacopa White, Fuchsia President George Bartlett, Chamaesyce White Flash, New Guinea Impatiens Blue)
    - Beach Sunshade (Bacopa White, Begonia Blitz, Lysimachia Goldilocks & Sanvitalia Sunvy Trailing)
    - Sahara Sunshade (Bacopa Blue, Begonia Batik, Plecrtanthus & Fuchsia President George Barlett)

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Hilltop Greenhouses is now solely owned by Richard Murray. Born and raised in Victoria, BC; Richard and his management team are excited to present our spring items to you in our new catalog. 2012 will be a year of transition for us as we create new product lines and work together with you to provide the service and selection you want.

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