6.5" Painted Poinsettia

The Painted Poinsettia is the new "must have" item at Christmas!! Using specially formulated Fantasy Colors II spray dye we paint every individual plant. Combined with the Fantasy Colors glitter these plants are sure to make everyone stop in their tracks. With 6 different colours to choose from you can now match your Poinsettias to any colour scheme for any event.

Colours available:
     - Apricot
     - Blue
     - Fuschia
     - Lilac
     - Plum
     - Turquoise  

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Hilltop Greenhouses is now solely owned by Richard Murray. Born and raised in Victoria, BC; Richard and his management team are excited to present our spring items to you in our new catalog. 2012 will be a year of transition for us as we create new product lines and work together with you to provide the service and selection you want.

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