Planter Outdoor

Planter Outdoor

Annual Mixed Planter

Osteospermum  Planter

Mixed Planter

Coleus Mix Planter

Geranium & Ipomoea Planter

Premium Planter

Primula Bowl

Tall Premium Spring Planter

Bulb & Flowering Planter (7.8in or 15in)

Window Box Planter (15in or 24in)

Window Box Strawberry

Spring Planter

Basil Planter

Herb Planter

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Hilltop Greenhouses is now solely owned by Richard Murray. Born and raised in Victoria, BC; Richard and everyone at Hilltop Greenhouses are excited to see what 2021 will bring us! Our passion for quality products has continued to grow over the 50 years of Hilltop.

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